VBN June 2017

Hi there,

Thank you so much for coming to my presentation on ‘Core Values – Your Passport to Success and Meaning’ at the VBN Meetup on June 13, 2017.

As promised here are the links to the presentation slides and ‘The Long List’ exercise that I mentioned in my presentation. Click on the images to open the download page. I hope you will find the three values exercises helpful in determining your very own set of core values and then using them in your life and business.

Presentation Slides: 

‘The Long List’ Exercise:


At any time, if you have any questions or you wish to still arrange for your complimentary 1/2 hour ‘Clarify Your Values’ conversation with me, drop me a line or call me at 604.816.4056, and we will set something up.

In the meantime, enjoy your values explorations and do your best to live by them! The world will be better for it.