Are you wondering if there’s more to life?

…or what you’re meant to do?

Not sure where to look and how to find out?


Get clear about who you are, what your life is all about and what to do next!

Join us for a 3-Day Private Transformational Retreat to explore your purpose and meaning in life, design a future you love and allow yourself to be inspired from within.

Let us help you create freedom and a life of passion and purpose!

This retreat is for you if you are…

  • feeling restless and lost
  • … experiencing a nagging uncertainty of the meaning of your life
  • staying awake at night because you can’t figure out in which direction to take your personal and/or professional life
  • … feeling overwhelmed, trapped, and you can’t see any clear choices
  • … only too familiar with the fear of change, the fear of the future
  • plagued by self-doubt and you can’t recognize your own capabilities
  • … feeling frazzled and experiencing low levels of energy
  • lacking a sense of alignment with your soul’s purpose

What you get out of it — here are some of the results that are possible for you:

  • You will think differently — through your work with us you will have an opportunity to let go of thought patterns that no longer serve you and identify new ways of thinking about yourself and your life; new ideas and a fresh perspective are almost guaranteed.
  • You will speak differently — as soon as you start to think different thoughts you will also start to speak differently. Be prepared to hear yourself speak in a new way that feels good and right because you are speaking your Truth.
  • You will feel different — connecting – or at least getting closer – to your purpose and passion in life will give you a new sense of confidence in yourself, and excitement and direction for your life.
  • You walk differently — you may just end up walking “taller” supported by greater self-confidence and a sense of purpose and meaning for your life.
  • You may even look different — people “on purpose” tend to have a sense of calm around them, a smile on their face, and an inner glow of “knowing” and connection. This could be you … when looking squarely at your life and the other people in it is no longer an issue for you.
  • Reaction vs Action: If your conversations caused emotional upset or automatic reactions in the past, and you weren’t able to express yourself or feel that you’ve been heard, your outlook will now be more evenly balanced to accept others’ opinions without feeling hurt, so you don’t have to react negatively.
  • You will feel in control because you are paying attention to the energy you are creating. The way you contribute to the whole shows up for you so you can experience the results of bringing more compassion or patience into your relationships.
  • Trust in yourself is strong so you can put yourself out there to be vulnerable, speak up for yourself and know this is who you are.
  • You are going to be able to imagine your future with more possibilities beyond the scope of what you previously dreamed.
  • Once you break through your barrier, there is no going back to out-dated beliefs. You create new beliefs about yourself that are no longer based on past failures.

What will your retreat look like?

  • Peaceful environment at Pacific Peace Retreat overlooking the Sechelt Inlet on the Sunshine Coast — leave distractions behind and focus on what’s important to you.
  • View room with private en-suite — free time to relax, read or walk to the beach
  • Cozy healing room with fireplace — calming atmosphere brings stillness to explore and go deeper into the mind
  • Orientation session — set an intention for the weekend and your mindset
  • Stimulating conversations and exercises — gain clarity of your direction and next steps
  • Hypnotherapy session – solidify your revelations and create new thought patterns
  • Mindful morning meditation — ease into your day, sense of newness and fresh start; get yourself ready for your day
  • Evening relaxation energy body work — prepare for a blissful sleep
  • Healthy home cooked meals — be pampered and nourish your body
  • Two experienced coaches focusing on YOU — to support and guide you to clarity
  • Take-home package with support documentation — your reference to continue/carry on the work you started with us

Who is this for?

  • Professionals (men or women) that feel stuck
  • You have success in your career and wondering if there’s more to life
  • You are at a crossroads and simply don’t know which road to take
  • You appreciate the idea of looking after yourself and investing time, energy and money to make things better for yourself
  • Being pampered feels like a really good idea to you
    You are ready to do the work necessary to make a meaningful change in your life
  • You’re saying yes to breaking out of the routine and getting away from the normal distractions of your life
  • The time feels right for you to expose yourself to new ideas and tools to move forward

What’s your investment and when can you come for your retreat?

Your retreat experience includes your accommodation, all meals and sessions.

  • Come by yourself: $1,495
  • Come with your life/business partner or friend: Starting at $995 per person
  • Come in a group (up to 6 people): contact Cynthia or Monika for rates

Current availability: New dates will be offered in the fall of 2016 - stay tuned!

Cynthia: 604-779-9100 or

Monika: 604-816-4056 or

Your hosts, Cynthia Miller and Monika Becker


Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and owner of the retreat, Cynthia Miller’s mission is to help you realize your unique gifts to inspire and empower you from within. With guided meditation, you expand your mind to explore and uncover blocks and limitations to release what holds you back. You leave feeling light, clear, refreshed and calm.

Testimonial for Cynthia Miller

Cynthia is an intuitive and masterful hypnotherapist. I worked with her to transform an old and deeply rooted family pattern. After the first session, I could feel movement in my perspective. By the third session, I was amazed at the shifts occurring in my life. Cynthia is a powerful and collaborative partner in the healing process. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to live a dynamic and joyful life. Kate, Vancouver, BC.

Call 604-779-9100 or email

As a values-based Coach Monika Becker is dedicated to support you in creating a life you love. Monika will gently guide you through exploratory conversations and exercises so you get to connect with what your life is all about. You may count on leaving with increased clarity about your values and your purpose and how to integrate them into your life.

Testimonial for Monika Becker

I came to Monika for help to find a clear direction of what I wanted to do next with my career. Being result oriented, I wanted Monika to help me define exactly the perfect job for me. She insisted that I go into myself to discover the essence of what I needed, which she claimed was unique to me… I did and it filled me with joy; and I now have my direction. So thank you Monika for insisting that the answer would come from inside me and for encouraging me to ask for it and not rush into a quick fix. ~ An anonymous client

Call 604-816-4056 or email


Call or email for details and to discuss if this is for you!



1. What is the agenda for the weekend?


  • Arrive in the afternoon
  • Orientation with your hosts Cynthia and Monika
  • Dinner
  • Intention Setting Meditation with Cynthia


  • Morning meditation/yoga with Cynthia
  • 2 sets of conversations & explorations with Monika
  • Evening relaxation energy body work with Cynthia
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Time to yourself in the afternoon


  • Hypnotherapy session with Cynthia
  • Closing conversation with Monika
  • Breakfast & lunch

2. Can I bring a partner or friend?

Our intention is to provide you with an exclusive experience for YOU to focus on YOUR needs and tap your intuition, purpose and passion so that you get to create meaningful change in your life. We feel that we can best provide you with this experience if you come by yourself.

3. What should I bring?

Included in the cost of the retreat are healthy meals, snacks and accommodation; however, you are free to bring whatever makes you comfortable.

Please bring the following items:

Water bottle / container
Walking shoes
Rain jacket
Stretch clothes for movement
Warm socks or slippers
Slip-on shoes or flip flops for the deck
Personal toiletries
Camera if desired

4. Is there anything for me to prepare?

Expectations and attachments to a specific outcome often get in the way of the process. Being open and honest is a great way to start this retreat.

5. What will I experience in hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a communication process to the subconscious mind when you are in a deep relaxed state. Your senses are heightened and you bring the truth forward to realize your blocks and what’s in your way. You are aware of everything around you while in hypnosis and it’s not as mysterious as some may think. You are in complete control.

6. What if I can’t meditate?

It’s ok. Many people are not able to turn off the many thoughts going through their mind. This is the perfect place to practice away from the busyness of life and you will be guided throughout the process. Even those that are not able to visualize can sense and feel the stillness meditation brings to relax and go inward. That is where the answers lie.

7. What is energy body work?

You are an energy being and events, comments, beliefs and relationships leave energetic imprints in the many layers of the aura. Energy body work helps to move and cleanse the old energy out so that you feel more balanced and grounded, less frazzled and insecure. The processes used here can be done while standing, sitting or on the massage table.

8. Where is the retreat?

The address of Pacific Peace Retreat is 6936 Porpoise Drive, Sechelt, BC. The Sunshine Coast is just a short ferry ride away from the Lower Mainland & Vancouver area.

Once you’ve booked your retreat we will be happy to send you directions how to get here.

Call us with your questions or to reserve your spot now!

Cynthia: 604-779-9100 or

Monika: 604-816-4056 or

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"We are meant to live a happy life. Which means that we do work that matters to us and gives us a sense of joy, contribution and significance - in addition to providing us with an income that supports our desired lifestyle."
~ Monika Becker

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