Really? It's Normal for Things to Take Time?

It’s the beginning of March, and the first two months of 2015 have passed. How are you doing with your goals and intentions for 2015? Are you happy with the progress you are making? Or do you feel that things are just taking too long and you’re not making enough headway?

I have recently been led to an awesome short video featuring Ira Glass (@iraglass) that reminded me of three important things:

  1. All good work takes time to complete.
  2. It’s normal for things to take a while.
  3. Never give up if you consider the bigger goal worthwhile.

Why don’t you watch the video (it’s under 2 minutes) and we’ll chat a bit more after? Here you go…



So what do you think? What stood out for you? What is your take-away from the video?

Here’s my 2 cents worth: Even if we are not all “creatives”, I am convinced that we are all doing good work, creating fabulous products or services, or engaging in other worthwhile projects that may sometimes take longer than we anticipated or want them to. It helps to be reminded that there is a perfect time for everything and that there are situations when all we can do is keep going even if we don’t see the desired success or progress, yet.

My encouragement for you is to stay connected to the big picture and the important goal that your current action is leading to. And then keep working at it – one step at a time – and put support structures in place (e.g. friends, peers or reading/watching inspiring articles or videos) to remind you that, as Ira says, …

It takes a while.
It’s going to take a while.
It’s normal to take a while.

Can you relax in to “normality” and keep going? If so it makes you extraordinary and a winner in my eyes. Here’s to your success!