5 Steps to Plan – and Achieve – Your Success in 2015

Have you ever resisted setting clear goals or stating your intentions and acting on them? I sure did. Why? I had experienced failure in the past when I hadn’t been able to make my dreams reality, and I was simply afraid it would happen again and I wouldn’t achieve my goals again. So I chose to not even set goals to begin with! Can you relate?

At that time I assumed there was something wrong with the process of planning and goal setting itself. By now I know better: Goal setting and planning do work; actually, they are essential if we want to grow and succeed in life. It is important that our goals are rooted in our values and truly matter to us. I realize now that goal setting was not working for me because I was missing one indispensable ingredient: The connection to my “WHY”, my purpose, vision and values.

I wasn’t clear on why the goals I had identified mattered to me. I was not tuned in to what my purpose was, what I truly wanted to achieve and how the goals for the year fit into the larger vision for my life.

“Purpose isn’t a lofty thing, not some luxury that only billionaires can afford. In fact, if you want to grow and grow big, you can’t do it without a strong mission to get you there.” ~Tony Tjan (Venture capitalist)

So if you want to grow big, reignite your motivation, get ready for a breakthrough in 2015, and make your life fun and meaningful again, I strongly recommend you spend some time re-connecting with your purpose, values, and vision. Having a clear understanding of your destination and why it is important to you will help you make 2015 an amazing success, regardless of what you set out to achieve this year.

The recording below of a Business Training I did on January 5th will introduce the following “5 Steps to Make 2015 Rock”:

    1. Purpose
    2. Vision
    3. Values
    4. Mission
    5. Strategies, Goals & Actions

The video offers information, inspiration and practical ideas on how to re-connect with your values, purpose and vision and use them as a foundation for your goal setting and action planning. Enjoy!

Monika Becker – Make 2015 Rock! from Mark Wright on Vimeo.

Let me know if you’d like to get the slides – I’ll be happy to send them to you. Here’s to your success!