Thank You...

...for joining Michaela and me for our conversation on News for the Soul radio. I hope that you got value - and possibly inspiration - out of our interaction on Michaela's show.   

Here are the gifts and invitations I promised to share with you:

1.  'Wheel of Good Selfishness' exercise - click here to download it.

2. The link to my "5 Powerful Lessons from Mother Nature" guide on how to improve your leadership naturally (and that also applies to self-leadership 😊)

3. BONUS gift: Apply for a 45-minute complimentary Clarity Session with me

4. A few articles around the topic of 'selfishness' that you may find interesting:


Please reach out to me at any time if you have any follow-up questions...or if you would like to set up a networking chat. In any case, it will be great to connect with you again in the near future.

Until then, all the best and keep well! 😊


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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

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"We are meant to live a happy life. Which means that we do work that matters to us and gives us a sense of joy, contribution and significance - in addition to providing us with an income that supports our desired lifestyle."
~ Monika Becker

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