‘In Love with Life’ Gift: Wheel of ‘Good Selfishness’



Thank you for participating in Harmonized Living’s speaker series. I hope you’re finding a lot of value in the various interviews and the ideas, concepts and tools that are being shared.

Here is the link to download your FREE gift from me, your ‘Wheel of Good Selfishness’ exercise.

I hope you will enjoy going through the exercise and that you will get some valuable realizations from it.

If you are ready to explore what the results from this exercise mean to you and how you can turn your realizations into concrete actin steps, I invite you to a complimentary Clarity Session with me. It’s a 45-minute conversation (by phone or Skype) that will help you gain clarity about where you are now (based on this exercise), where you want to be, and what concrete first step(s) you can take to start making a change. You’ve got nothing to loose (other than 45 minutes of your life) but a lot to gain. Sound good? Then book your free Clarity Session today by filling in the form here on my website, and I’ll be in touch!

I look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments please connect with me at any time at 604-816-4056 (mobile) or Monika@ClearDirections.ca.

Till then be well and take good care of yourself!