Good Selfishness

What brings you joy and what is your unique contribution to the world?

So...what is your plan for YOUR LIFE?

Do you know what your purpose is and what you want to dedicate your life to? What brings you joy and what is your unique contribution to the world?

These are big questions, I know.

In my view, too many people are shying away from these reflections and explorations because they believe that it is too selfish to focus on one’s own interests and gifts, and one’s joy and purpose in life.

do more of what makes you happy

I believe that we all need to make our wellbeing and contribution to the world our highest priority.

Taking care of ourselves and our special contribution is not only a healthy and loving thing to do; it is also a friendly obligation towards our world that we show up as our full, authentic selves, realize our potential, and use our unique gifts to make a difference.

I call this approach ‘Good Selfishness’. It starts with exploring who we really are, what brings us joy and what matters to us; …then turning our realizations into meaningful action.

‘Good Selfishness’ means to consciously, uncompromisingly and unapologetically care for all aspects of one’s Self, to honour one’s own values, needs, desires, and gifts, and to respect other people and their unique perspectives.

When we practice ‘Good Selfishness’, we can bring our unique gifts forward and use them as a force for good. We can make our world a better place.

If we look at it from this perspective being selfish (in the good way) is no longer something despicable but something that is absolutely necessary to help our world heal.

Each of us is gifted in some way. We all have something to contribute. So what’s YOUR gift?

If you know it, how are you using it?

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    “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago – the next best time is now.”

    ~ Chinese proverb


    Don’t look back a year from now and wish you’d started earlier.

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    "We are meant to live a happy life. Which means that we do work that matters to us and gives us a sense of joy, contribution and significance - in addition to providing us with an income that supports our desired lifestyle."
    ~ Monika Becker

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