The Action Program

Achieve your goals and dreams, one focused and meaningful step at a time

Say good-bye to inertia and lack of focus.

Together we will identify meaningful goals, work out a plan to achieve them, get to work to make them reality – and move through any obstacles that arise.

Learn tools and techniques to make you more effective.

Get the accountability you need to get into action and keep moving in the direction of your goals and dreams, one focused and meaningful step at a time.

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Overwhelmed? Procrastinating? Lacking focus?
This program is for YOU!

You know who you are and what you want out of life.

(Not feeling this clarity? I made The Pathfinder Program for you!)

And’re feeling overwhelmed and are unable to focus and determine clear next steps.

Or you get moving but then you lose momentum and don’t make the progress that you want to make.

This program was specifically designed to help people struggling with any of the following thoughts, challenges or experiences:

Overwhelm, lack of focus or difficulty setting priorities

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Your life is filled to the brim with projects, tasks and demands. You are struggling with the challenge where to start, what to do first, and how to stay sane in all of this.

You find it hard to set priorities and focus…so you try to do it all or you freeze and do nothing.

Feeling frazzled or frustrated becomes the norm.

Procrastination, fear, uncertainty, doubt

While you have clear and big goals and dreams, your action lacks determination and passion, and you’re not seeing the progress you know you have the capacity to create.

You procrastinate and avoid taking action due to fear, uncertainty or doubt.

Blocks or self-sabotage

You suspect you have some “blocks” that are undermining your success. Your mind has become the enemy of your dreams and is actively working against you.

You have a tendency to self-sabotage – just when you’re finally making progress, you do something to “blow it”.

Working hard - but not making enough progress

You are doing really good work and you’re working hard – probably too hard. You crave systems and processes that will make your life and work easier and more productive.

You’re making progress – yet you know you could do so much more if you had somebody to hold you accountable, challenge you, and celebrate successes with you.

Deep down, you believe that there must be an easier way to achieve your goals – but you just can’t find it

You can achieve your goals and dreams - with joy, lightness and ease

Live a life where purpose, profit and positive impact are the reality for you and not just a dream

Wake up in the morning knowing what you need to do - and feel good about it

Portrait Of Businesswoman Sitting In ChairAn end to feeling stuck!

Have a clear plan to achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

Eliminate procrastination, get a sense of direction for your life and take meaningful action on your plan.

Install new beliefs and habits that support success

Gain insight into patterns and conflicts that are holding you back from living your dream life - then replace them with new beliefs and habits that support your success.

A coach helps you to change the way you think, speak, and act.

Gain greater efficiency and measurably better results

Learn tools and strategies to help you execute your plan - and get the support you need to make it happen.

Get more accomplished and reach your objectives faster with the help and accountability of a coach.

Make better decisions

Learn how to make good decisions – quickly and easily.

Do it all with a sense of joy and lightness

Having clarity about who you really are and how to translate that into a meaningful life has the power to replace struggle with ease, joy and a sense of lightness.

Monika showed me that I can get what I want

"When I first met Monika, I was in this really great place where I was finally beginning to believe in my capabilities and to trust the community of support behind me. So why would I need a coach? It was actually perfect timing for coaching. What I really needed was to get clear on what I wanted and to discover any potential blocks standing in my way. It was Monika who showed me that I can get what I want, but not until I start asking for it! And so, as many people have discovered about the value of a coach: I learned that much of what was standing in my way was me!

To be perfectly honest, I approached coaching with a small doubting voice inside, sceptical that it would make a difference. But every time, I would put my scepticism aside and agree to show up fully with whatever was going on for me. Every time, every session, I would get so many gifts and so many aha moments that I would scribble down and reflect on for days to come.

Monika helped me to see the importance of celebrating my successes, however small, rather than downplaying my achievements. This is integral, magical and radical work actually rewires the brain to focus on positive messaging.

Monika's coaching made a lot of my personal commitment to change not only possible but also helped it stick. A coach was essential in those moments where I needed to remind myself to get back on track without playing those 'old tapes' of self defeat. Now I can work through previous obstacles like indecision with greater tools of insight and intuition.

I would recommend that you trust yourself enough to be guided by a coach. And when you’re ready, I would recommend reaching out to Monika."


The Action Program
Design and plan a meaningful life, and actively make it happen

Action is the foundational key to all success. ~ Pablo Picasso

Portrait Of Male Artist Working On Painting In StudioImagine who Picasso would be, or rather wouldn’t be, had he not put paint to canvas. Before any of his masterpieces were made, there had to be action behind the man.

Without action, there simply is no success.

The same applies to you. You need to take action to create your masterpieces, to make your gifts shine, and to live a life that brings you fulfillment and happiness.

In this coaching program we will focus on getting and keeping you moving.

We will work together to set clear goals and design a concrete action plan.

And then you will take the necessary action steps to make your meaningful life reality.

I will help you blast through obstacles and blocks along the way.

The Action Program will be custom-tailored to your unique needs.

You will get the tools, strategies, techniques, personal growth (thoughts, beliefs, and habits), and accountability that will help you to create and stay on track with your progress.

I promise you that I will always do my very best to support you on your journey to success, whatever you declare it to be.

Depending on the situation I will be your voice of reason, a compassionate listener, your resourceful supporter, your excited fan, or your “means business” accountability partner.

Together we WILL make things happen for you!

What’s included in the Action Program and how it works:


Twelve (12) scheduled 1:1 sessions

We meet via Skype/phone every other week for about an hour.

During our sessions, we will set clear goals, create an action plan and then take focused action steps to make your goals reality.

We will also work through any obstacles and blocks that may come up along the way.

Having regular, firmly scheduled coaching appointments – and the accountability to me, your coach – will provide you with a structure that will support your work.

It has been proven time and again that people accomplish more when they have committed time and money and they’re working with a coach.

Six (6) hours of my time outside of our scheduled sessions for feedback or review

Use this time in whatever way is most helpful to you!

For example, if you are a business owner, I could provide feedback on your company mission statement, your hiring process or your approach to your internal communication.

In case we are working on more personal issues my extra support could look like reviewing your Wheel of Life, your 5-year goals, or your family purpose statement.

Support between sessions

In between sessions you will have homework or exercises to work on. This way you get to implement the insights and ideas that emerge during our conversations.

While you will probably be excited about the work we do together, there may be bumps along the road. You may feel stuck with your homework, desire some input around a question, or want to celebrate your success.

In addition to the extra 6 hours, I will make myself available for brief phone or email interactions to support you as needed so that you do not have to wait until our next scheduled session to get some quick answers, encouragement, or virtual high five’s.

This ensures that you can keep moving, keep doing your good work, and achieve your desired insight and results more swiftly.

Monika brought the structure, tools, and support I needed to take my business and personal life to the next level

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"I met Monika at a networking event and was immediately impressed with her ability to identify the root causes of my struggles as an entrepreneur.

Before working with Monika I had been toiling away at my business, and it was difficult to get an idea of where I was, where I wanted to go and how I would get there.

Monika brought the structure, tools, and support I needed to take my business and personal life to the next level. If you’re looking for an awesome  coach, Monika is the one to choose."

~Andrew Seipp, President SellClarity

Your program investment is $2,975

Meetings take place on the phone or over Zoom. If you would prefer to meet in person, there is a $75 per session additional fee to cover the rental of a private room and my travel time.

All prices are in CAD, subject to 5% GST. The full investment is payable in advance of all services. Payment plans are available.

Ready to take the first step toward your new life/work?

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    “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago – the next best time is now.”

    ~ Chinese proverb


    Don’t look back a year from now and wish you’d started earlier.

    Take action now and fill out the form above for your complimentary Clarity Session!

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    "We are meant to live a happy life. Which means that we do work that matters to us and gives us a sense of joy, contribution and significance - in addition to providing us with an income that supports our desired lifestyle."
    ~ Monika Becker

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