I’m here to help you become a better person, happier and more fulfilled – and to live a life that truly matters to you, personally and professionally.

Meet Monika Becker, your Clear Directions Coach

When I worked in different corporate environments it used to pain me to see so many people that were unhappy with their work, disengaged and out of alignment with their values. I always considered it such a waste of time, energy, and human potential.

My business is me doing my part to create a world where work means joy and significance, where we all have an income that supports our desired lifestyle, and where happy and fulfilled people are the norm.

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I would recommend Monika as a coach if you are ever lost in your direction or need help finding it.


I had a wonderful – and productive – time finding my “Why” with Monika. She is an amazing woman with the purpose “…to live a life of ease and show others how to do the same”. I love her motto.

We went though a series of questions and explorations to identify my “Why”. It is not concrete yet but Monika definitely helped me get on the right path. She is excited for my personal growth as I am for hers.

I would recommend Monika as a coach if you are ever lost in your direction or need help finding it.

~ Tammy Wong, March 2016, Mortgage Strategist at Verico Paragon Prime Capital Inc

I’m driven to put my skills to good use, for something bigger.

I help my clients align their values and nature with how they show up, live in the world, and run their businesses. When people live in alignment with their values, needs, and purpose, they are more joyful and fulfilled. They no longer live in conflict.

This absence of conflict is my contribution to peace.

Choosing the right coach for YOU is an important decision.

Here’s some information about me to help you decide. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here, please contact me! I can’t wait to hear from you and learn about your story and your future ambitions – for now, I hope you enjoy reading a bit about mine.

My Values:

These are my current most important values that guide me in running my business and living my life in general. I will revisit and tweak them from time to time because our values do change as we evolve. In any case, I invite you to hold me accountable to them if you ever notice that my behavior is not in alignment with them.

Integrity: I am honest with others and myself. I stand by my word and do what I say I do. I always strive to do “the right thing”.

Possibility: I approach life with an open mind and a “glass-half-full” attitude. As often as possible I strive to see, find, or create opportunities or win-win solutions.

Ease: I make interactions as simple as possible and create experiences of effortlessness, for others and myself.

Freedom: I give myself and others permission to say and do whatever feels good and right to us.

Truth: I explore who I truly am and live authentically as ME. I honor my core values, and I am honest and sincere in my words and actions.

My Purpose:

To live and promote a life of acceptance, ease, and joy.


A few more things about Monika


The youngest of four, I grew up in a village close to Bonn (Germany) in the safety and comfort of our family home and huge garden – a child’s paradise! It was here that I was introduced to values like honesty, integrity, kindness, trust and contribution. They still mean a lot to me today.


Not only was our garden the source of healthy fruits and vegetables, and fresh eggs; it also laid the foundation for my love for nature and the environment. “Garden duty” called us on Saturday afternoons – an oftentimes dreaded but great lesson in responsibility and practical skills.


Music has always been in my life: From childhood piano lessons, self-taught guitar playing, choir performances, to song writing & recording (to prove myself that I can do it). Photo: Cover of an LP our youth choir recorded. Yes, I’m from a time when LP’s were the norm!


A trained Horticultural Engineer I worked for 12 yrs in Sales & Marketing in German, Italian & Canadian tree nurseries. It helped me become the global citizen I am today. Above: Box-shaped trees at EXPO Hanover 2000. I coordinated the delivery of 100’s of trees to the site.


Toward the end of my horticultural studies I was offered to write a book for hobby gardeners about “Old Roses”. I said yes and embarked on an intense 3-month journey of research, taking pictures, writing, editing and producing drawings. It was a rewarding venture!


Nature – in particular mountains, trees, and the ocean – is where I recharge my batteries, find inspiration and re-connect to the Bigger Picture. This photo is from a hike in Well’s Gray Park in July 2001 – the vacation that got me thinking about immigrating to Canada.


When I set my mind to something nothing can stop me (a mix of persistence and determination). The photo shows me with the container I used to ship my belongings to Vancouver in August 2002, only 8 months after deciding to make Canada my new home.


After changing from horticulture to the tourism industry in 2004 I worked for Rocky Mountaineer, which granted me the opportunity to become a Team Lead, trainer, supporter, and coach to the Sales Centre team – an experience that greatly enlarged my professional tool box.


When my job at Rocky Mountaineer went away due to a corporate re-organization in 2008 I stood at a crossroads and had a decision to make. I took inventory of my possibilities, my skills, and my passion to contribute … and took a leap of faith: Clear Directions Coaching was born.


I trained at Langara College, BCIT, Rhodes Wellness College, and the Living Through Loss Counselling Society and continue to engage in personal and professional development. It’s essential and means a lot to me to keep learning and growing in to a better Me all the time.


A stray cat from my street, Mitzy made my balcony her home in 2006; it took her 8 long years to feel safe enough to sit on my lap: A labour of great love and patience, and an accomplishment I’m proud of. Thank you, Mitzy, for having been my playful teacher! May you rest in peace, dear one.


This drawing of mine represents part of my purpose: To be a global contributor to peace. How so? By supporting my clients in living their life as a reflection of their authentic values, needs, talents, passion and purpose. Living this way makes them and our world more peaceful.

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"We are meant to live a happy life. Which means that we do work that matters to us and gives us a sense of joy, contribution and significance - in addition to providing us with an income that supports our desired lifestyle."
~ Monika Becker

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