3 Essentials to
Lead Yourself and Others to Authentic Greatness

For mindful business owners and entrepreneurs ready to
create a positive ripple effect
through soulful, authentic self-expression


In this 90-minute FREE LIVE workshop, Monika will reveal the 3 VITAL FACTORS for you to step into your YOUnique heart-centered, values-aligned, and purposeful leadership.

Created specifically for mindful business owners and entrepreneurs, Monika will guide you through interactive, powerful, and personalized exercises to align your life and leadership with your unique set of values, beliefs, desires, and gifts.

You will not just learn, but engage, and apply what you learn to YOUR particular circumstances.

Here's What You Will Get...

In only 90 minutes, Monika will help YOU:

    Understand the 3 vital keys to being an authentic, self-realized leader, even if you don't lead a team.

    Start the process of identifying your unique version of these essential factors.

    Create personalized action steps to align your leadership with your heart and soul.

You will leave this 90-minute LIVE and interactive workshop with refreshed energy around your true identity and equipped with the knowledge and some practical ways of expressing your soul's calling in how you live and lead your life and business.

This workshop is a MUST if you are...

    A business owner or entrepreneur seeking to positively influence
    yourself or your team.

    Doubting your competence and dealing with feelings of inadequacy.

    Looking to increase your self-confidence and self-trust.

    Tired of struggling with overwhelm, stress, and frustration.

    Ready to turn your struggles into ease and impact – in life and leadership


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Take 90 minutes to connect with like-minded professionals, learn about ways to expand your unique leadership strength, and grow as a person and leader of your team!

I'm sure you will be glad you did.

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Learn 3 essential ingredients
to be the best leader and role model you can be!

It will be well worth your time and effort.


From a young age, Monika supported the people in her life as an attentive listener, problem-solver, and confidante.

After her layoff from a corporate job in 2008, she decided to take coach training and turn her natural talents into her profession. In her boutique coaching firm Clear Directions Coaching, Monika now helps business and corporate leaders become better leaders, all from the inside.

Her motto “Back to YOUR Nature!” exemplifies the need to rekindle your inner landscape so you can live and lead with ease, confidence, and impact in your unique ways.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

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"We are meant to live a happy life. Which means that we do work that matters to us and gives us a sense of joy, contribution and significance - in addition to providing us with an income that supports our desired lifestyle."
~ Monika Becker

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